My Lips Are Sealed

Ross Lyon


Last week on the show we roasted Ross the Boss for announcing the retirements of a couple of his Fremantle Dockers charge’s, however this week – Mum’s the word as Ross has decided that he no longer talks about player futures.

Ross, the media darling, said after his sides loss to the Bombers “I’m not here to talk about people’s futures. It’s not really how we should operate”. This came just a week after Ross spoke about the futures of Danyle Pearce and Michael Johnson with the flippant remark “it’s pretty obvious they’re going to exit” denying the club stalwarts the opportunity to announce their retirements from the game on their own terms.

In what was a typically tense, uptight media conference, Lyon answered very few questions on any topic claiming that from now on he was just going to coach. We’ll believe that when we see it.

WAFL Merger only Option for Fremantle Reserves


John Townsend has reported in the West Australian that the only way for Fremantle to get a stand alone reserves side in the WAFL competition is for existing WAFL clubs to either fold or merge.

AFL 2013 Rd 07 - Fremantle v Collingwood

WAFC Chairman Mark McHenry has stated that the league cannot go beyond 10 teams. The even bigger hurdle for the Dockers is that McHenry has stated that Peel, Swan Districts and West Perth would not be considered for mergers due to their location in vital population growth corridors and given they are the teams that have had the most public financial issues the chances of a merger happening seem slim.

Brucey had his say on Wednesday’s show, saying that there was simply too much bad blood for teams like Subiaco and Claremont to combine. He said that it was utterly ridiculous for that to be a requirement, however he pointed out that the marriage between Peel and Fremantle had seemingly been much more acrimonious than the East Perth/West Coast relationship.

McHenry’s stance really fired up our resident Fremantle fan Sean Oleksenko who felt that the WAFL couldn’t allow West Coast to have a stand alone reserves team and then deny Fremantle the same.

Is this an unfair stance from the WAFC? Can you see any teams successfully merging in the WAFL?

The Worst Beard in Football Supports Stellar Cause


Dyson Heppell’s beard is (or rather was) a shocker, but it was all for a fantastic cause. Seen below you can see Dyson having the filthy mange shaved off by 6 year old Harrison to raise money and awareness for a very rare disease called Scleroderma.

You can check out the link above for more information on the disease, of which you Harrison is the youngest sufferer. Dyson Heppell’s grandmother was another afflicted with the condition. Dyson’s efforts have raised over $60,000 for the cause and even though the beard is now gone you can still donate funds at

Cyril Rioli – A Testimonial

By Jimmy Antartis from Jimmy Will Rock You

Rioli 1

I’ve been asked by the boys from In The Sheds to write something about how I feel about Cyril Rioli in the wake of him announcing his immediate retirement during the week . As a Hawthorn supporter for more than 30 years the news was devastating to me and to a lot of Hawthorn supporters. However we all understand the desire for him to want to spend more time with his family. Never the less his presence on the field will be sorely missed.

Rioli 2Rioli 3

The skills of the #33 were a joy to watch and whenever he was around the ball you would hold your breath in anticipation of what Cyril was about to do, he had this uncanny ability to leave you simply breathless at the end of his every possession. We wish you all the very best in your retirement and say farewell to a real genuine superstar. The human highlight reel. Cyril you rocked us for more than a decade. Keep Rocking!!

Jason Cole – Hero for a Day

Jason Cole


This is Jason Cole. You may never hear this name again, but on the 30th June this park footballer had a day to remember. Playing for Seymour against Benalla in Victoria’s Goulbourne Valley competition Cole amassed a remarkable 61 disposals, including 6 goals in his sides 38 point victory I think it’s a fair call to get around him!

Tell us about your best day out! Ever had a day where everything you touched turned to gold?

What’s Going on at West Coast?

In #ControversyCorner Alby raised the question: What’s going on at the West Coast Eagles? The question was prompted by the East Perth Royals deciding on Monday to end their alignment with the Eagles at the end of the 2018 season. This came on the back of last months sudden revelation that SGIO were ending a 33 year relationship with the Eagles. Alby felt that the organisations, that would have behind the scenes information, appeared to be jumping off a sinking ship, despite all external indicators being inherently positive.


Donny added that the alignment between East Perth and West Coast had always been somewhat strained and it had not ever seemed to work as well as the Peel / Fremantle partnership. However, the SGIO decision seemed very hasty and contrary to previous statements of intent. He felt that it was strange for a sponsor to make such an announcement with the team sitting on top of the ladder, so perhaps there was some merit to Alby’s conspiracy theory. He added, though, that we may never know.

We’d like to know what our listeners think. Is there something fishy going on inside the Eagles? Is there more to the story, or are we drawing a long bow?

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