Lebron not even in the Conversation as the GOAT



Big news during the week that the man many think may have surpassed Michael Jordan as the greatest of all time has signed a deal to move to the Los Angeles Lakers next season. Lebron has ended a period of uncertainty, by penning the 4 year $153.3 million deal.

The Assassin Sean Oleksenko had some strong words for Lebron that may have him removed from the Christmas Card list. He feels that Lebron’s shifting to another club is further proof that the small forward does not deserve to be in the conversation as the greatest of all time. Oly, pointed out that players like Jordan, Magic Johnson and many of the other great players of the past had stayed at one club and built dynasties and that was what would always prevent James from being regarded as highly as those players in his eyes. He referred to James as nothing more than a mercenary, bit part player, who’s only motivation was money, he pointed out that he had lost 6 times when it counted and was not even in the same ballpark as Jordan in terms of what he did for the game.

What do you think? Is Lebron in the conversation? Is he the GOAT? Are you a fan of the move to LA? Give us all your Lebron opinions and maybe give the Assassin a Chop!

Hoons Tear Up Football Oval

Article on communitynews.com.au written by Lucy Jarvis


A CLARKSON football oval has been vandalised overnight, after a vehicle tore through the turf.

Quinns Districts Junior Football Club president Joe Murray said members wouldn’t be able to train at their home ground for a few days.

Damage to footy oval
Picture by Mark Clayton

“Council (workers) have put temporary fencing around worst affected areas,” he said.

Mr Murray said there were no games planned for the next couple of weeks, but they planned to have bouncy castles at a family event there on July 8.

“We are a little bit fortunate that it’s happened before the school holidays,” he said.

“We have got a gala day next weekend so we are hoping it’s recovered enough.”

Mr Murray said he understood the chain was broken on the access gate and a white ute was involved, having seen a picture of it overturned on Facebook last night.